One Way Themed Links


We will create 5 Word Press Blogs according to your theme.

 Each Blogs will be  
1)  Unique in its design.
2)  Hosted from 5 different Class C IP.
3)  Each Blogs will have contents which are themed to the keyword.
4)  Each article will have 4 Anchor Texts to the main site (minimum 500 articles).
5) Comments posted will also have Do-Follow links for the main keywords.
6) All the pages will be indexed in Google/ MSN/ Yahoo, through sitemaps, Ping & Webmaster Tools.
7)  Each Blogs will have its plug-ins, automated content for 1 year & our unmatched service backup for 1 year.

What you get from this package.
1) 10,000 minimum Back links for your keywords.
2)  You have complete control on your site.
3)  Site grows organically under the radar of the Search Engines.

Price Includes
1)  5 Domains.
2)  Hosting charges for 5 different Class C IP.
3)  Blog designs/ content & maintenance charges for 1 year.

Regarding Timeframe
We will complete the deliverables within 2 weeks.

For $1500 this package will give TOTAL boost for your back links.



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